Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've been away too long!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have been gone so long. I realized I should get back to blogging on a regular basis so I figured I'd start with this video I shot and posted on YouTube

I happened to be in the right place at the right time to witness the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Torch Relay. How cool is that?!?

More importantly, when I posted this, I received a comment from a viewer. It turns out that the viewer just happened to be the girl in the video running with the torch! Pretty cool, but also a modern life lesson.

You see, I had no idea she would see this and be so grateful. I just posted it to share with my family.

How often in your life do you do things for one reason, only to find that the things you did impacted people in a way you never thought of? In this digital age, so many things on the Internet are reachable by millions. In fact, the Web has made the world smaller, closer, more immediate.

In our lives, the examples we set, or do not set, sometimes reach well beyond our original intent. When that happens in a good way, it can be surprising and often impact our lives and the lives of others in ways we never imagined.

So, it is with this thought I return to this blog and hope you visit often.



Terri said...

Welcome back baby!!!

Salesdiva said...

Welcome Back! I look forward to reading your posts.