Monday, December 7, 2009


Driving into the clouds
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Here it is December of the second year of consulting and I am nearing the end of another successful project. As I take a moment to reflect I find myself thinking of how I got here.

In this time of so many people concerned about their economic woes and the instability of their future, I cannot put myself far from the realm of these concerned and worried people. But I am serene and calm and resolved to continue the path I began when I went into the consulting biz.

No one can tell the future. BUT (and yes, this is a big BUT) I believe that if you are driven to succeed and stick to a solid plan, the setbacks will come and go and you will survive. You have to create your own future. This is what leaders do. They adapt and overcome.

Challenges are many, and so are solutions. Action is what separates a good idea from a good plan. Believing that you can succeed is more than half the battle. I left Corporate America with one thought overriding all others....I will not fail. And I am not alone in that thinking.

You must be resolved to succeed. Driven, as it were, to do whatever it takes because the days of the gold watch and pension are long gone. The sooner you take control, the sooner you will be further removed from the concerned and worried and closer to the confident and calm.

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