Saturday, January 30, 2010

So...What about a Podcast?

As I was kicking around the web this morning, I was on iTunes and had a thought (yes...I the funny comments....): What if I could script and record podcasts as a way to reach a broader audience? iTunes reaches such a broad audience, why not try to reach that audience with a more focused approach to what I am passionate about...?

As I researched a bit more, I found that it really is pretty easy to get your podcast up on iTunes, or so it appears. Here's a link to the particulars:

When I search for information about a topic I want to know more about, I find that the podcasts are a great way to get pertinent content and some good learnings and advice from others passionate about similar subjects.

I believe I will try to record and post a podcast in the near future and chronicle what it takes to do so right here. If you have any thoughts or ideas on the topic, please let me know by commenting here.

Wish me luck!

(oh...and "eez not my dog!"...Got it from Flickr from a fella named "Zoomar.")

Friday, January 29, 2010

How Often do you Miss the Whimsy?

Groggy from sleep, shuffling to my ritual morning shower, I look up and this is what I see....two smiley faces, dangling from the odds-and-ends rack in the shower. With my own "smiley face," I remember these as gifts in my 11 year old daughter's Christmas stocking. Gifts I gave her knowing they fit her wonderful personality perfectly.
It also made me pause to think how often I miss little things like this. As a person with a lot of responsibility for my family and for others (not unlike many of you who are reading this), the days are usually so hectic and loaded-up that unless we are "tuned-in" to the little things, they might pass right on by, un-noticed and, at least in this case, un-shared.
In my line of work, I am often away and do not have the chance to see these little touching moments. For me, it makes the ones I do get to witness that much more special.
You see, leadership is not always "out there" at work or in our civic clubs and organizations. Recently, Stephen Covey made a comment about treating our children as leaders. Each of them will be leaders of their own lives, and, eventually, like us, the examples they set for their own children and families to follow.
For those of us with children, never forget that they will mark our legacy long after we are gone. They are the important parts of us that are the result of our love for our spouse, and our dedication to our family. How we build them up or don't will ring in their lives and in their relationships many years down the road.
So in this moment, I choose to say "Thank You, Gillian!" Thank you for making me smile and thank you for helping me remember what is most important in my children and my family.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Leadership Begins at Home

Amidst the collection of teen things hanging on my son James' bulletin board in his room is a personal mission statement. It reads:

The Mission Statement of James T. Pollhein:
-Work it Harder
-Make it Better
-Do it Faster
-Makes us Stronger
by Daft Punk

This is his. He owns it. He drew it up and has it where he can see it every day. It states the way he would like to live his life....a "personal credo" of sorts... In this pursuit, he is one step ahead of me as I struggle to find the words to capture what I want my life to be about. He is 16.

Over the Christmas break, three of my teenage sons and I sat down for an hour or so about 11 times and together we read through the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. It was written as a way to bring the power of Stephen Covey's book of similar title to teenagers. It brings them the Seven Habits in a teen-centered way. Its language speaks to them and challenges them to learn to live the Seven Habits every day.

As I have written before, the Seven Habits absolutely changed my life and they are a touch-stone for me every day. They are for me a life-long pursuit. Sharing this with James, Ben, and Matt was a great way to begin the discussion in our home of holding each other accountable to higher ideals....holding each other accountable to a better way of behaving, a better way of interacting, a better way of living together.

In all that you do as a leader, have you taken the time to really connect what you believe in with those you believe in the most?