Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Leadership Begins at Home

Amidst the collection of teen things hanging on my son James' bulletin board in his room is a personal mission statement. It reads:

The Mission Statement of James T. Pollhein:
-Work it Harder
-Make it Better
-Do it Faster
-Makes us Stronger
by Daft Punk

This is his. He owns it. He drew it up and has it where he can see it every day. It states the way he would like to live his life....a "personal credo" of sorts... In this pursuit, he is one step ahead of me as I struggle to find the words to capture what I want my life to be about. He is 16.

Over the Christmas break, three of my teenage sons and I sat down for an hour or so about 11 times and together we read through the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. It was written as a way to bring the power of Stephen Covey's book of similar title to teenagers. It brings them the Seven Habits in a teen-centered way. Its language speaks to them and challenges them to learn to live the Seven Habits every day.

As I have written before, the Seven Habits absolutely changed my life and they are a touch-stone for me every day. They are for me a life-long pursuit. Sharing this with James, Ben, and Matt was a great way to begin the discussion in our home of holding each other accountable to higher ideals....holding each other accountable to a better way of behaving, a better way of interacting, a better way of living together.

In all that you do as a leader, have you taken the time to really connect what you believe in with those you believe in the most?

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filip Matous said...


Mate I totally hear you on that book being a touchstone for living life. Great to hear that your kid is so on the ball at such a young age.

I found your blog when I was looking on Google blog search for people who are fired up about Covey.

Just posted about Covey looking to children as leaders, If you want to check it out it's on the front of my lil blog:

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