Saturday, January 30, 2010

So...What about a Podcast?

As I was kicking around the web this morning, I was on iTunes and had a thought (yes...I the funny comments....): What if I could script and record podcasts as a way to reach a broader audience? iTunes reaches such a broad audience, why not try to reach that audience with a more focused approach to what I am passionate about...?

As I researched a bit more, I found that it really is pretty easy to get your podcast up on iTunes, or so it appears. Here's a link to the particulars:

When I search for information about a topic I want to know more about, I find that the podcasts are a great way to get pertinent content and some good learnings and advice from others passionate about similar subjects.

I believe I will try to record and post a podcast in the near future and chronicle what it takes to do so right here. If you have any thoughts or ideas on the topic, please let me know by commenting here.

Wish me luck!

(oh...and "eez not my dog!"...Got it from Flickr from a fella named "Zoomar.")

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