Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stop and Look Around

So I am sitting here with the shades drawn, just getting up mid-afternoon after adjusting my sleep schedule to go in and do some consulting on the night shift and I decide to open the shades and this is what I saw...
Now, I am in a very remote location, up in the Canadian Rockies and we have been pretty much working from before sun up to just about sun down. We have encountered numerous Elk on the roads to and from the job site. And today, this is my view in Elkford, British Columbia.
From time to time we need to stop and look around. We get so wrapped up in "the thick of thin things" that we often miss the grandeur in God's work. Granted, we can always find what's wrong with a situation or a job or a place. It's a little harder to find the beauty and good in things. A little harder, but much more rewarding.
The work isn't going anywhere....take a minute and look around.

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Terri said...

It may be God forsaken and barren, but it is beautiful. I hope you take lots of pictures.
Love you.