Monday, February 8, 2010

"Undercover Boss"...Loved it!

Wow! Finally, in the wake of such trash as "The Apprentice," a show that delves into what leaders really need to understand to be successful and to make their organizations better: What do my workers go through to ensure my company's success?!?

I watched this show with some skepticism at first, but I figured "it's a great premise, let's see how it turns out." I was extremely impressed with the show, the content, the end results...everything! Take that, Mr. Trump!

Here's a link to what the show is about so you can judge for yourself:

If more corporate executives would actually come down out of the ivory towers and get in touch with their front line people, true change could happen in companies across the nation. It's not about BS like "You're Fired." Real life is about how do the decisions made in a vacuum, light years away from those they will impact, actually affect the most important people in a company?
Loved it!!!

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