Monday, April 19, 2010

Flying Blind?

Ever find yourself flying blind?

Ever find yourself believing you can do something in your heart though you've never actually had the opportunity to do it?

Ever been given a "challenge" at work and diving headlong into it, figuring it out along the way?

We have all been there. Sometimes we have "crashed and burned" and sometimes we have soared with eagles. Ever sat back and thought about the difference?

Typically the difference is your "instruments." The fellow above had an altitude indicator, an attitude indicator, and airspeed indicator, and a compass.

The most important of those instrument is the compass. In our day to day lives, our compass is what truly sets us up for success. It's not so much the clock, or how fast or efficient we are. It's the compass, our sense of direction and knowing that we are on the right heading that allows us to achieve great things.

Stay true to your compass. Let it be your guide. Trust it.

And believe you can.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

For God so Loved Us...

...That he gave his only Son that we might live forever in Glory with him in Heaven.
Happy Easter! Be proud of your faith and Lead first yourself and your family in the ways of Christ. We can all do a better job...if we are aware and try. Prayers are helpful. Asking for guidance and help should be part of our daily talk with God.
To my family...I miss you today.
God bless you all.