Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Airline that Gets it

So how many of my readers fly a lot? I can honestly tell you that over the last two years, I have spent more time in the air than most. I am, after all, a road-warrior. And my road usually leads to and from Western Canada...and I live in Western New York! Yeah...it's about 2400 miles one-way as the Raven flies (I say Raven as they are more common than Crows in Western Canada...and a hell of a lot bigger!)

In all my travels, I have experienced good and bad, but mostly good because I usually fly on an airline that gets it. An airline that usually understands that Customer Service means they should take care of their customer's needs. An airline that has invested in making the travel experience a pleasurable one. Air Canada.

In this day and age of airlines combining and getting bigger (Untied and Continental, for example), the customer is more and more treated like a necessary evil..."If it weren't for these damn passengers, this flying stuff would be kinda fun!" United has actually compressed the seats in the back of the plane so that they can charge you $39 one-way for 5" more leg room in the front of the plane. I even witnessed a stewardess (yeah, I know, they prefer "Flight Attendant," but I care about that exactly as much as they appear to care about me on United), tell a young man he could not move up to an EMPTY exit row because he did not pay the $39 premium. (A-hem! Hey missy, we might need that fella to open the door!) I actually will be posting another post all about that encounter

But on Air Canada, they get it. They know why they are in business...because hard-working people pay good money to get from point A to Point B quickly and with their luggage actually getting there when they do! They understand that if you are a road-warrior, you like a little more comfort on all of those flights and they try to do the best they can to ensure you are comforted. They understand that when you go to their frequent flyer lounge, Maple Leaf Lounges they call them, you would like to pampered a little. And they do it in style. Free booze, free food that is actually worth eating, and a nice quiet environment with no hassle.

I don't know of another airline that takes such good care of their passengers...their customers.

Thanks, Air Canada, for being a leader...an example for other airlines to follow.

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