Saturday, December 4, 2010

Always Important Things to Learn

Great image, right? That sense of wonder at learning something so new your jaw drops. Think back to when you were that small, or when your children were (are?) that small and the brain was an open book... What amazing things we have learned. So much has changed since we were so small. The pace of technology has advanced more in our lifetime (we 45+ year-olds) than probably any other period in time. Wow!

How often are you learning? Have you thought about it?

I believe you have to be self-aware enough to know that every day is an opportunity to learn. Almost every encounter we have with others is an opportunity to learn something new. It may not always be a good lesson, but even a bad lesson teaches us something.

I have recently been reading a lot about Internet Marketing in an attempt to understand what it is about and how I might use the lessons learned there to create what Tim Ferriss calls "Freedom of Time and Place." He is the first person to put it all together in my mind. He has given me not just the destination, but the road map of how to get there.

I will begin sharing those lessons here and hopefully you can come along for the ride.

Hopefully, it will be something you learn that changes your life.


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