Friday, December 17, 2010

Farmville? Really?

I gotta tell you, I just don't get it! But the fact remains that 80 million...yes, that's 80 Million people are playing this silly game!

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At first, it's a fun little time start out with a bit of coin and you begin small and earn money to get's a lot of fun, but the catch is you have to harvest in a timely manner or your crops go to waste....and there's the hook! Soon, you are pulling into an internet cafe while on vacation to harvest the virtual strawberries before they go bad!

My wife and I played this when it was originally called "Farmtown" and I gotta tell you, it was addictive! We would have to agree to harvest each other's crops and she would get upset if I didn't let her because she wasn't around when the crops were ready! LOL!

Ever a proponent of never doing things half-way, I just happened across this little guide full of secrets of how to be great at this game. I am blogging it just for some Christmas fun.


Click Here for Top Secret Guide!

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Joseph D. Pollhein Jr. said...

Hey! sir. You might want to check it out and submit yer own blog. Thanks again for that book you lent me, it really squared away the ruins of what I was trying to do.