Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Have you Seen the Flip Camera?

I have a confession to make. It's hard to admit it, but I need to just be honest and let everyone know this.

I am a gadget guy.

I was recently in the Toronto Airport on my way to another consulting gig, when I was picked to have my backpack invaded..ahem!...inspected. This young lady went through every pocket, crease and crevice...of the bag...and as she pulled out my camera, I-pod Touch, Livescribe Pen, Blackberry Storm, Portable external hard drive, Kindle, trackball mouse, and all of the connecting wires to go with all of these, she looked at me and, deadly serious now, said: You sure do have a lot of gadgets!"


But the coolest gadget in the bag was the newest addition: A Flip HD Video camera. Someone once said "Do one thing and do it better than anyone else." That's exactly what Cisco did with this puppy. It only takes HD video and you press one button to turn it on, one to start the video taking and the same button to stop it. It has a built in USB connection arm that springs out with a touch and plugs into your computer.

The on-board software loads up to your PC and you can download the video you have taken and capture stills, produce web-ready content with titles and music in seconds! Simply an elegant solution to doing what most people want to do today with their videos, especially for the web. And all in about a 4" by 2" by 1" package

Very cool gadget! can I put this to good use?!?

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