Monday, December 6, 2010

WARNING!: Results not typical

Ever seen that disclaimer? "WARNING!: Results not typical" Of course, it is usually in much smaller print... As I scouted the images today that I thought might fit today's thoughts, I saw many that depicted weight loss, wrinkle creams, vitamin claims, all manner of self-help and self-improvement items...and then I saw the old poster above.

Pretty cool, eh? It was attached to another blog: . Thank you,Roni!

What intrigues me is that despite the disclaimer, people plunk down millions of dollars, $19.95 + shipping and handling at a time, for every manner of external item that might make us smarter, thinner, healthier, less wrinkly-er...but what about the internal? What about our spirits...our heart...our drive to be something more than we are?

I know that I struggle every day to stay try to live up to my personal mission statement (which, as always, I will share with you if you need help, or will help you to write yours...just ask). I think for most of us, the struggle is real and we are all coping in very unique and personal ways.

I need to re-focus my energies on trying things that fit for me, regardless of who says it can or can't be done. I counsel you to keep pushing forward towards what you know is right...those things, behaviours, beliefs, challenges, that you know will make a difference in your life.

Our biggest struggles always seem to be in front of us. Take a look back at your accomplishments from time to time and remember what it took to achieve everything that you have today. I know that I must go back and revisit the goals that I have accomplished and establish new ones. Like me, I suspect many of you are blessed with many, many, blessings that you often take for granted...until they are jeopardized in some way. Don't wait until you are about to lose something, or someone, important to show your appreciation.

Do it today. And keep trying, regardless of the label.

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