Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting More Interested in Twitter!

(I borrowed the image above from http://lonewolflibrarian.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/libraries-using-twitter-list022009/ )

I have to tell you, as I am working on the social networking aspect of what I want to share with people and learn from people, I find Twitter to be more and more interesting.

There are many types of "tweeters" out there:
  1. People who are new to Twitter and haven't even figured out how to put their picture up
  2. People who are new to Twitter and think that by following everyone and contributing nothing they can create some sort of following for some sort of "get rich quick" scheme
  3. People who have paid others to tell them who to follow and how to get the biggest audience so that they too can profit by the "get rich quick" route
  4. People who love to watch TV shows and tweet in real time with their friends (Big shout out to the #criminalmindssb in the #twitterdayroom. Hey!)
  5. People who actually have something to say that is worth reading
I like the last group best. I confess to wanting to someday leverage my social network to support me on projects I believe in, but it is not my reason for creating a presence on Twitter.

I like the immediacy of being able to tweet to friends and have them respond. I like being able to support others with great things to share. And I like the sheer humongous possibilities of having such contact with one tweet!

Tweet on Peeps!


TravelDiva said...

You missed a category...those that tweet about every single thing they are doing from sun up till sun down. That is not sharing information...that is upchucking in 140 characters or less. I hardly read most of the nonsense.

I also find it annoying when you follow someone (like a runner/fitness/business relater Tweeter), interact (or try to) and they never follow you back. It's just one way all the time. Unfollow.

I don't tweet a lot (except when I'm in the Twitter dayroom) and when I do, I try to be, at least, witty and not run off at the mouth.

P.S. I read your tweets, oh, great master of wisdom. ;o}

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

Yup! Missed that one! They cheese me off too, bit they are usually in one of the "get Rich Quick" scheme categories!

Paula said...

Great post! And thanks for the shout out!

Paula said...

Great post. Thanks for the shout out!