Thursday, April 14, 2011

Leader in Me Program Changing Lives

As I was checking out Twitter today, I found this awesome post by Stephen Covey about the impact the leadership training program "Leader in Me" recently had on a Charter School in Utah.

Can you imagine the impact on the world at large if we were to teach our children proactive...begin with the end in mind....put first things first....think win-win....listen to others first then seek to be listened to.....synergize.....and to sharpen the saw in their daily lives?

If you kick around youtube, you will see many such stories as this. It's amazing to me that such a program can be installed in a school for about $50 a child, yet we are more interested in paying for much less productive things with our tax dollars.

I have actually often thought of working with the Franklin Covey organization to make a difference in the world. I am glad I came across this as I will be getting in touch with them to see what it would take to be apart of this awesome organization.

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