Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden is Dead!!!

Cadets celebrate the death of bin Laden

And here's the President's address:

God bless all of the men in women in uniform who fought so hard over the last ten years to get this son of a jackal dog.

God bless especially all of those who gave their lives in the pursuit of this inevitable outcome.

I am surprised today by my tears during the President's address. So many emotions. So many painful moments over the last ten years. So much pain caused by one sociopath with so many psychotic followers. All of the memories dredged up of how much we lost since 9/11. Our world has changed so much since then and so much of our innocence was lost.

I am so happy he is dead, and so sad it took the lives of so many in the world to bring this bastard to justice. In the end, it was a bullet from a U.S. Navy SEAL that made it happen.

Amen. Alahu Akbar.

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