Monday, August 22, 2011

Ben Pollhein's Address in Basic Training!

Here it is blog readers! My son finally got to call us with his address in Basic Training:

PFC Pollhein, Benjaman
E Co, 3-13INF
4th PLT, Bldg 5421
Fort Jackson, SC 29207

I would ask that all my friends send him a note of encouragement. In this day and age of immediate contact, Basic Training may be the last bastion of letter writing as a means of communication.

For those of you who've been through it, there is little in life to compare to hearing your name at mail call...especially in Basic Training. It means someone has thought of you...someone out there cares....someone out there took a few minutes of their day to think of you and encourage you. It means so much and it costs so little. Please send him a letter or two.

For those of you who haven' those of us who have...grins!