Saturday, June 2, 2012

¡Estoy aprendiendo español!

¡Buenas tardes amigos y amigas!

I am so enjoying the experience of learning Spanish wile on this assignment.  Besides the fact that everyone here speaks Spanish all the time, I have taken to skipping lunch to spend an hour with Rosetta Stone.

 I have the new Totale version and I find it very easy to use.  I am learning many words and ways to communicate as well as a larger Spanish vocabulary.  The grammar lessons are valuable too.

But by far, the biggest help to my language learning is being here in Colombia, South America at a mine site 24/7 for two weeks at a time.  Not only is my team made up of native Spanish speakers, but everyone around me is speaking Spanish all day long!  I sit in meetings and try to understand the overall gist of what is going on and I go back an look up words I hear that I do not know on Google Translate, an awesome free site that allows me to type in a word and have it translated!

As my company expands into Latin America, now is definitely the time to learn this language.  And learning it in this environment is great!  If you are interested in learning a language, spending time speaking with native speakers is often recommended as a great way to learn.

Wish me "Buena Suerte!"