Tuesday, October 2, 2012

West Point Renewal

The image above is one of respect....and awe....and thankfulness...just the beginning of the emotions that flooded through me as I returned to my 25th reunion at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  As my fellow classmates and I stood in the reviewing party together, it was hard not to remember just how it felt to stand in formation on Saturday morning before a home football game.  It was hard not to remember how much we thought it sucked....even as much as we thought it was beautiful and impressive on this day.

I would hope that each of you has a place you can go to and remember....a place that, like West Point, you can point to as your "watershed moment" in your young life.  Please feel free to share that here if you would please honor me with that?

For me, The Academy will always be my watershed moment.  I learned so much about life there....about myself, my friends, The Army.  I finished my 4 years there so much better than I started, but not the best I would become.  That happened with marriage to my wife and our raising of our five wonderful children.

Like my Cadet days at West Point, life has had its ups and downs.  And I have learned and adjusted and learned some more....only to find they keep changing the rules!  And still we adapt and overcome.

West Point taught me that my life, to have meaning, could not be just about me.  I am thankful for that.  Leadership, in all of its forms, must be about those we lead.  Be it your family, your team at work, a client team, or the local Rotary club....leadership is focused on the led.

So, I thank God for the opportunity to renew, recharge, and go forward, thankful for being blessed to have had the opportunity to know such great people in such a truly special place.

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